Credit Sense is a decision support service. With an extensive history in the finance and IT sectors, our executive team recognised that businesses needed an effective and robust way to get a deeper understanding of their customers in the early stages of their relationship.

Businesses wanted the confidence to approve more customers while also managing risk. Understanding their customer’s recent transaction history is an effective way of doing this, however the process of obtaining and manually reviewing bank statements is expensive, slow and can be unreliable.

We overcame this problem by developing advanced pattern matching technology, a frictionless customer experience and a comprehensive integration suite. Together these elements deliver our clients valuable decision support based on reliable and consistently analysed customer transaction histories in real-time during the customer application.

The result is happier customers, a significantly improved ability to auto decision, increased application completion rates and increased business being written because our clients know more about their customers. Credit Sense is now available in three countries and we remain the leader in bank statement transaction analysis and decision support.