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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve used or would like to use Credit Sense and are looking for some more information, you’ve come to the right place.

Q: Do I need my bank statements to use Credit Sense?
A: No. You will download your bank statement transactions as part of the process.

Q: How do you access my bank statement transactions?
A: We access your bank statement transactions through internet banking.

Q: How do I know that my internet banking will remain secure?
A: We do not keep your internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. If you need to use us again, you will need to re-enter your internet banking credentials.

Q: What else can I do to protect my bank accounts from third party access?
A: There is no need to worry, your credentials are encrypted as you enter them and permanently deleted once your transaction history has been obtained. If you are still concerned you could simply change your internet banking credentials after using our service.

Q: Can you give me an update on the progress of my loan?
A: Credit Sense only provides your bank statements to your lender, we do not assess your loan application. If you need an update on the progress of your loan, you will need to call your credit provider directly.

Q: Can credit providers get a copy of a past report?
A: No. At the time you complete Credit Sense only the credit provider you have authorised will receive that Credit Sense report. If you use Credit Sense again in the future, a new report will be created for the credit provider you authorise at that time.

Q: What other information do I need to use Credit Sense?
A: None, you only need your internet banking credentials to use Credit Sense.

Q: Can I get a copy of the Credit Sense report?
A: If you would like a copy of the Credit Sense report you should approach your credit provider. We don’t collect your identity information so we cannot accurately identify you or which Credit Sense report is yours.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simply follow your credit providers process or if you have a token code go to our home page and click the Enter Token button to begin.

Q: Still have questions?
A: Please don't hesitate to contact us.


We are responsible for protecting your privacy and for the security of your personal information. Credit Sense is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), membership number 6678. The FSCL is a free complaints resolution service and if we can't resolve your complaint you may escalate the matter to them.

Information access and correction

We can only grant access to and correct personal information. Personal information is information that relates to a person whose identity is readily ascertainable. The information we maintain is largely de-identified and not considered personal information.

If you believe we hold personal information about you and you would like to access or correct that information, you can make a request to do so here.

Access and correction requests
If you make a request to access or correct your personal information we will:

  1. Provide or correct the information within 30 days of your request, and
  2. Notify you of the correction within 7 days of the correction, and
  3. Notify any third parties who have previously received the information of its correction within 7 days of the correction, or
  4. Notify you of our decision not to correct the information within 7 days of that decision.

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We do our very best to take care of our customers and if you’re not happy for any reason, we want to know about it. If you would like to find out more about our complaints process or make a complaint, you can do so here.

Complaint process
Within seven days of receiving your complaint we will provide you with an acknowledgement that we have received it and record it in our complaints register. Within 20 working days (or at the latest 40 working days) of receiving your complaint we will complete a thorough investigation, document our findings and provide you with a written response.

Submitting a complaint
You may submit your complaint to us in any way that is convenient for you, you can find our contact details on our contact page. For the fastest response however, we encourage you to use the below form.